Next generation domain industry solutions

Whenever you need a software to manage and operate your TLD according to ICANN requirements, a software to operate your ICANN-accredited registrar or a software to put content on your domain names, Onoma will help you

If you are...

ccTLD Registry

Partial or full management and support for your ccTLD according to industry best practices
  • Support for EPP and WHOIS/RDAP
  • Brand new software, written from scratch
  • Anycast DNS solution
  • Support for EPP or WHOIS proxy mode
  • Onoma can provide only a DNSSEC solution for your ccTLD
  • Modern control panel
  • Supports any language

gTLD Registry

Management of your gTLD registry based on ICANN requirements and best practices
  • Consulting and support for application with ICANN
  • Brand new software, written from scratch
  • EPP server support
  • Complete WHOIS and RDAP implementation
  • Full support for escrow, reporting, URS and TMCH
  • Modern control panel
  • Supports any language


Secure and easy-to-use solution for the operation of your own ICANN-accredited registrar
  • Domain, contact and host management
  • Billing for registrar and resellers
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Integration with registries via EPP or API
  • Support for WHOIS service, contact validation, WDRP, ERRP
  • End user order page
  • Accreditation consulting


Easy content provisioning for your domain portfolio - enjoy quick websites with generated data
  • Simple and secure remotely hosted CMS
  • Data generated from various open sources
  • Immediate availability
  • Content based on each domain name
  • Content is being held in encrypted JavaScript and in DNS
  • User controls content
  • Optional advertisement

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